Missing vboxsf error


When running Vagrant Up, I got the below error:

Vagrant was unable to mount VirtualBox shared folders. This is usually because the filesystem "vboxsf" is not available. This filesystem is made available via the VirtualBox Guest Additions and kernel module. Please verify that these guest additions are properly installed in the guest. This is not a bug in Vagrant and is usually caused by a faulty Vagrant box. For context, the command attempted was: mount -t vboxsf -o dmode=775,fmode=600,uid=1000,gid=1000 vagrant /vagrant The error output from the command was: /sbin/mount.vboxsf: mounting failed with the error: No such device

If you install the vagrant-vbguest plugin for handling VirtualBox stuff: vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest, that should stop the error from occurring.



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