Using the Media App

The Media App is where you can upload images to be used within your Tastics when editing your Pages.

When you open the App, you can see all the previously uploaded images which you can search through, edit, delete or add new images.

Using the Media App General Layout Example

Adding an Image

To add an image to the library, you just need to click the pink + icon on the bottom right of your screen and select the image you want to upload:
Using the Media App How to Add an Image

You can also just drag an image into the browser:

Using the Media App Drag in Image GIF

Deleting an Image

There are two ways to delete an image from the library, you can either click onto the image you want to delete and click on the trash can icon in the overlay:
Using the Media App Delete an Image

Or you can select the tick box on the left of an image and click the trash can icon on the right of the search bar: Using the Media App Delete Multiple Images GIF

Editing Image Data

You can change some of the information attached to an image after you've uploaded it, like the name and you can add tags to make it easier to search for. Just click on the image you want to edit the details on and an overlay will open.

Input the tags you want to add by typing the work and hitting enter. These save automatically.

Using the Media App Edit Image Metadata GIF
Change the name of the image to what you want it to be and click Save:

Using the Media App Edit the Name of Image GIF

Searching Images

If you click on the search bar, all available tags will display so you can just click the one you want to filter by and the results will appear:

Using the Media App Search Images by Keyword GIF
You can also search by the image name:

Using the Media App Search Image Name GIF

Please note, you can't upload Video via the Media App. You can upload GIFs but these won't work if you add them to a Tastic.

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