Stage App Layout

The Stage App is where a Frontend Manager will spend the majority of their time. Developers also spend a bit of time within this App, mainly when setting up their Tastics.

The below image is an example of what to expect when you click the Stage App icon for the first time.

Stage App Layout Example

You can create a new Node or Page by clicking NEW

A Node is a section within your navigation, e.g. Women or Sale, and the Page is what your customers will see which is within that Node. A Node and a Page can have the same name.

You can edit existing Nodes or Pages by selecting them from your Menu structure on the left. If you want to edit a Page, you'll then need to select either the Active version of the Page or Draft / Scheduled version of it and click the pink pencil icon. This will open the Editor.

We'll go through these steps in more detail in each user section.

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