Creating a Tastic kit

A Tastic kit can be created when you're using the same Tastic layout across multiple pages, like a Header or a Footer.

The steps below will show you how to create your own Tastic kit. Please note that once you add a Tastic kit to a page, you can't edit anything specifically for that page. You have to edit the Tastic kit universally.

You can create a Tastic kit in any environment, if you want to test it first you can do it within the Staging environment but if you know exactly what you want to create, you can do it in the Production environment.

Open Master and go to the Kits section
Go to kits section gif
Click + New kit in the Kits section header
Click new kit image
Input a Name for your Kit, add any Streams if you need to, and then click Save
Input info for kit gif
Click the edit on the name of your new Tastic kit, you can then add cells and Tastics that you can to include in your Tastic kit, as well as changing any Tastic configurations
Adding Tastics and cells to a Tastic kit gif
Click Preview to see what your Tastic kit will look like, then click Save, and then Publish Changes
Saving and publishing a new kit gif

Your Tastic kit will now be available to use when you edit pages

Where to find kit example

Editing a Tastic kit

Once you've saved a Tastic kit, you can edit it at any time. Just go to Master, click on the edit icon on the name of your Tastic kit. Then you can edit the cells, Tastics, and Tastic configuration. Preview your changes, click Save, and then Publish Changes.

If you make any changes here, it will update on all pages where the Tastic kit is used so make sure you preview your page before publishing.

Editing a Tastic kit gif

You can also edit the configuration (Name and Streams) of your Tastic kit at any time, just click the cog icon on the name of your Tastic kit.

Editing Tastic kit info gif

Deleting a Tastic kit

To delete a Tastic kit, hover on the name of your Tastic kit and click the trash can icon, then click Confirm:

Deleting a Tastic kit gif

Note: If you delete a Tastic kit that's being used on your pages, it will be removed from those pages and may break your pages.

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