Creating a Node

Nodes create the structure of your website so they need to be created when setting up your site or when you want to add a new section to it.

Let's look at an example of how they work. Below shows the Stage App and if you look at the structure on the left of the page, you will see a Node called "Main". Within that "Main" Node you have three more Nodes ("Women", "Men" and "Sale"). Within the "Women" Node, there's two Nodes ("Get the look" and "Clothing"), and the "Men" Node has one Node within it ("Accessories"), "Sale" doesn't have any Nodes. 

You can see when the burger menu is clicked on the Preview on the right of the screen, that the three sections that appear at the top are the same as the first three Nodes ("Women", "Men", and "Sale") and when these are selected, the Nodes within them are displayed.

What is a Node GIF
To create a new Node within your website:

Click New and select Create Node
Create a Node by Clicking New
Input a Node Name (this will be displayed to you and your users), the Node Path (the URL) and the Parent Node (where your new Node will sit within your structure).
In the below example, we're creating a new "Accessories" Node that will be within the "Women" Node.

Create a Node by Inputting Relevant Info

Add a Stream if you need to (this depends on what Tastics you'll be adding to your Page within your Node, don't worry, you can update this later if you need to), add the Stream info and click the back arrow
Create a Node Select a Stream Configuration
Add any other info you'd like to but you can come back and change it later and click Save
Create a Node Click Save
You Node is now in your Navigation and you can now add a Page to it!
Create a Node Done

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