List of Tastics

Frontastic comes with some pre-built Tastics for you to use and you'll find a list of them below. 

The first part of the list are Tastics that can be used on all page types.

The second part are Tastics that can only be used on dynamic pages (also known as Master Pages).

General page Tastics

Tastic name Example Consists of
Header Header Tastic Icons
Tile Tile Tastic Static image
Button with call to action
Markdown Markdown Tastic Text written in Markdown
Product slider Product Slider Tastic Product data stream
Newsletter Newsletter Tastic Text
Input field
Button with call to action
Feature service Feature Service Tastic Icons
Footer Footer Tastic

Text and links

Master page Tastics

The below examples also include a Header and a Footer Tastic.

Product Details

Product Details Page Added to cart
Added to cart Product added to cart


Empty cart Cart
Empty cart


Shipping info Payment Review order Confirmation
Shipping info Payment Review order Confirmation

Account access

Not logged in Create account Forgot password Logged in home
Log in screen Create account Recover password Account Homescreen

Account details

Logged in Edit details Reset password
Account details Edit account details Reset Password


Empty orders Order list View order
Empty orders Order lists Single order overview


Empty addresses Address list Add address Edit address Remove address
Empty Address Book Address examples Add address to addresses Edit address Remove address


Empty wishlist Wishlist
Empty wishlist Wishlist

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