List of Tastics

Below you'll find an alphabetical order list of just some of the Tastics that you can utilize.

You'll find the name of the Tastic and an image/GIF showing an example of what it could look like.

Account Access

Account Access Tastic

Account Profile

Account Profile Tastic


Cart Tastic GIF

Category Button Boxes

Category Button Boxes GIF

Delivery Features

Delivery Features Image

Footer (Contact Info)

Footer Tastic Image

Footer (Link List)

Footer Link List Tastic

Footer (Meta Navigation)

Footer Meta Navigation Tastic

Footer (Payment Methods)

Footer Payment Methods Tastic

Footer (Social Navigation)

Footer Social Navigation Tastic

HeaderHeader Tastic

More Product Info

More Product Info Tastic

NewsletterNewsletter Tastic

Product Slider

Product Slider Tastic

Product View

Product View Tastic

Promo BoxPromo Box Tastic

Store Features

Store Features Tastic

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Configuration Options

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