Using Master

Master is where you can create Tastic kits, Blueprints, and Master Pages that can be used across your site. Below is the screen you'll be greeted with when you open Master:

Master layout image

Blueprints and Tastic kits are templates that can be created to be used over and again across pages in both Master and Stage. 

Master Pages however are just used within Master. These are global pages that go across all your pages within your website, for example, search, checkout, or Product Detail Pages (PDP).

When you click on a section on the left, for example, Blueprints, you'll open a middle section, and then if you click again, you'll open a section on the right. It's basically a folder structure, you have pages within a section within a group:

Example Master layouts gif

You'll notice that the Tastic kits have a slightly different layout and that's because you're not creating a full page, but a group of Tastics.

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