Below are some quick fixes to help you troubleshoot some common issues in the Development environment. 

No Space Left on Device

Sometimes yarn cache runs wild and pollutes the disc space in your VM or the logs run full due to a high error rate.  To clean it up, run the two commands below inside your VM

$ rm -r ~/.cache/yarn/ -f 
$ rm /var/log/frontastic/*.log /var/log/frontastic/*/*.log -f

Symfony Doesn't Pick Up My Changes

In some cases, Symfony doesn't pick up changes (e.g. when you created a new bundle). 

Firstly, clear your Symfony cache the standard way:

$ bin/console cache:clear

If that doesn't work, you can try force deleting the cache on the disk:

$ rm -r /var/cache/frontastic/<project>/dev/*

Here <project> is the directory name of the Project you are working with.

You can also clear all caches with a single command at once:

$ rm -r /var/cache/frontastic/*/*/*

PLEASE NOTE: If you happen to delete some of the directories on the way of this path, you might run into trouble that these directories are missing afterward. ant prepare will fix this for you.

High Load When Provisioning Under Windows

While provisioning, yarn will install node packages and its dependencies. Node packages consist of many small files and every file has to be inspected by Windows Defender for malware and indexed by the Windows Search Index. This puts a high load on the system and isn't useful for node packages.

You can exclude the project directory from Windows Defender and Windows Search Index to get better performance.

Mac Troubleshooting

Broken Virtualbox 6.0.8 Installer

With previous installs on the system, the 6.0.8 Installer frequently crashes (it'll be fixed in 6.0.10). Follow the steps below to fix this:

Uninstall Virtualbox and Supportfiles. You can use the uninstaller script that comes with the 6.0.8 dmg or the one provided by Homebrew. NB: in the prompt, you need to write Yes, yes or just y will not work.
Disable the Mac Gatekeeper with $ sudo spctl --master-disable
Open the Security and Privacy System Preferences and select Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere the click Allow if a prompt pops up.
If the program was already open, hold Option and Right-Click on the System Preferences in your Dock and Force Quit it, then Open it again.
Install VirtualBox as usual either via the dmg or brew cask install virtualbox

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