Configuration options

Aside from the General section that we mentioned in the Using the Editor article, the options will differ on each Tastic depending on what it does. The best way to understand how each configuration works is to open a Page within the Staging environment and open the preview, then you can watch how it affects the site as you make each configuration change.


You can change the text that appears on your button as well as where the button takes the user.

Button Tastic Configuration


There are two types of Content configuration, one is where you can add Markdown (we'll go into further detail on this in the next article) and where it's aligned on your Page, and the other is what is displayed on a Login Page.

Content Tastic ConfigurationContent Tastic Configuration


You can add text as an overlay on your image, change your image as well as the crop if allowed by your Tastic.

Image Tastic Configuration


You can add links to other parts of your site or to other websites using this section.

Link Tastic Configuration


If you need to, you can overwrite your main logo. However, it's best to do this via your Developers.

Logo Tastic Configuration


You can order the categories that are displayed on your navigation menu.

Menu Tastic Configuration

Payment Methods

You can add or remove types of payment methods.

Payment Methods Tastic Configuration


You can adjust how the particular Tastic is aligned on your page.

Position Tastic Configuration

Showcase Text

Just input the text you want to use in this section.

Showcase Text Tastic Configuration


You can edit text, change streams as well as the number of products displayed to your users.

Stream Tastic configuration

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