Using the Developer App

You'll need to use the Developer App within Backstage on a regular basis for multiple reasons. In this article, we'll run through the layout, what you can do, and other uses of the App.

Once you've opened the App within your Backstage, you'll find the below screen:

Using the Developer App Layout Example

Each section within the App is outlined below:


This is where you add your Tastic Schema that creates the configuration for your Tastics. You can also edit names or general information Tastics that have already been created or you can delete them.

Using the Developer App Tastic Section Layout

For more info, see the Creating a Tastic in Backstage article.

Custom Apps

This is where you can add, activate, deactivate or edit self-written Apps. These Custom Apps can be used to store certain entities, for example Local Stores or Motorcycle Brands.

Using the Developer App Custom App Section Layout

For more info, see the Custom Apps article.


Here you can manipulate basic settings regarding your Project-, Node- or Cell-configuration.

To download the current configuration, click the Cloud Icon on the left with the down arrow.

To upload a new version of your configuration, click the Cloud Icon on the right with the up arrow.

Using the Developer App Schema Section Layout


This is where you can execute a 0-downtime-deployment of a new version of your software, as well as a 0-downtime-rollback if anything goes wrong.

Using the Developer App Deployment Section

For more info, see the Deployment article.

Continuous Integration

Here you can get an overview of your build-process regarding success, duration or version which is running throughout the pipeline.

Below is the layout of the screen you'll see:

Using the Developer App Continuous Integration Section


This is where you can analyze your backend-code regarding performance-issues, bottlenecks and more.

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