Creating a Blueprint

A Blueprint is a Default Layout that you can create within the Master App so when it comes to create a Page, you can select this as your Layout to reduce the time it takes and steps made to set up of a new Page within your site.

If you always use the same Header and Footer Kit across all your Pages, you could create a Blueprint that has these included so that you never need to add them when creating a Page. Or if you always have a Markdown Tastic included on your Page, you could create a Blueprint that has this in the Main section.

A Blueprint needs to be created in the Master App before you can use it across your Pages. Follow the steps below to create a Blueprint:

Go to the Master App, select the Blueprints section, click the Add icon, input a name for your Blueprint and click Save
Creating a Blueprint Go to Master App GIF
Click the Add icon on the Assigned Pages section, input a Name, select a Layout and click Save
Creating a Blueprint Using the Editor GIF
Add Kits, Cells or Tastics that you easily want to reuse across multiple Pages and click Save
Creating a Blueprint  Add Cells and Tastics GIF
Click the Preview button to check how your Page looks and once you're happy click Publish Changes
Creating a Blueprint  Preview Page and Publish GIF
Using Your Blueprint

Now you've created your Blueprint, you can now use it when creating a Page. Create a Page by clicking  New then Create Page, in the dropdown list for Layout you'll now see the name of your Blueprint under the Blueprints header. Once you save this and the Editor opens, you can see the Page is set up just like you created within your Blueprint. You can now add and remove Cells and Tastics as you wish as well as editing any Tastic configurations for the individual Page.

Creating a Blueprint How to Use Blueprint GIF

Editing a Blueprint

Once you've saved a Blueprint, you can Edit it at any time. Just go to the Master App, click on the name of you Blueprint within the Blueprints column, then click the Pencil icon on the name of your Page within the Assigned Pages column. Then you can edit the Cells, Tastics, and Tastic Configuration as you'd like to. Then click Save and Publish Changes

Please note that any Page you've already created with your Blueprint won't update with these changes.

Creating a Blueprint Editing a Blueprint GIF

Deleting a Blueprint

To Delete a Blueprint, hover on the name of your Blueprint within the Blueprints column and click the Trash Can icon and it will delete it straight away. However, any Page within any section will continue to use your Layout as they've been saved and modified separately to this Blueprint.

Creating a Blueprint Deleting a Blueprint GIF

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