Creating Master Pages

A Master Page is basically a page that you link to from your normal pages but it also determines the template layout of certain pages. For example, you would use a Master Page for your Product Details Pages. Below is what it would look like in the Frontastic Editor in Master and how that would display on a page.

Master versus reality gif

As you can see, no matter which product you go to, it'll always follow the same layout that's set up in the Master Page.

To create your own Master Page, you'll need to follow the steps below. Please note that you can only create Master Pages within already existing Folders within the Master Page section or sub-sections.

Open Master, select the folder where you want to add your new Master Page
Setting up a new Master Page gif

If + New rule doesn't appear, you can't add a new sub-folder to this section, you can only add a new Assigned Page. But in most cases, you'll only need to add a new default page 

Side notes about Master page additions gif

Click + New page at the top of the Assigned Page column, input a Name, then click Save
Creating new Master Page gif
Add cells and Tastics to your Master Page 
Adding cells and Tastics to Master Page gif
Preview your page to check it looks right, click Save, then click the more icon and select Make Default
Saving and publishing Master Page gif

Editing a Master Page

Once you've saved a Master Page, you can edit it at any time. Go to Master, click the edit icon on the name of your Master Page and edit the page as you'd like. Preview your page and then Save it.

Editing a Master Page gif

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