Must restart my VM after creating a Tastic


If I create a new Tastic, I get the below:

“Tastic apo-content-module-hero-and-product-teaser not yet implemented. Did you just implement it? Please don't forget to register it in the tastic/tastics.js!”

How can I fix this error without restarting my VM every time I create a new Tastic?


Normally, this shouldn't happen as it should be picked up by the webpack watch process. If it does though, a shortcut of just restarting the supervisor processes for your project can be used instead of reloading the whole VM, if you run:

	sudo supervisorctl restart <your-project>-{<your-locales>}:

This will restart the background running webpack processes.

If this continues to happen, it could be an issue with FileSystem sync, but to fix this it's much more complicated so please contact the Frontastic team using the Contact Us button at the top of the Page.



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