Using facets

When you open the Facets area, the Frontastic Editor brings back all the searchable attributes from your project API. You can enable or disable these so that your customers can use them or not. When a new facet is added, it's added as disabled by default. You can also reorder them so that makes sense for your customers.

For example, you can enable the attribute price to be shown as a facet and filter for product (variant) lists. Or by moving the price facet above the color facet, your customer should see the corresponding facets (statistics) and filter (select facilities) in this order. However, this can be overridden by your developers in code so please check with your team if they have one in place.

Reordering facets

Just drag and drop the facets to reorder them as shown below:

Reordering facets

Enabling a Facet

Click the row of the name of the facet you want to edit
Click on facet name
Click the toggle next to where it says Enabled and click Save
Enable facet gif

You can also change the name of your facet by editing the Label.

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