Go live preparation

Ready to launch your application? Before you can do this, there are just a few more steps to go.

SSL certificate

In order to provide your website under your domain with the proper SSL certificate, we'll need to apply this to our load balancer. To do this, you'll need to provide us with a valid SSL certificate for the domain that your project should be reachable and that also meets the below requirements:

  • The certificate should use the RSA algorithm with a key-length ≤ 2048
  • Needs to be in PEM format
  • Preferably provided in the following structure:
    • privkey.pem
    • fullchain.pem
    • certificate.pem

You can then zip these files and send it to your Frontastic specialist, who'll get these installed for you.

Changing the domain in your DNS

After the SSL certificates have been installed by our team, you'll need to switch the DNS entries for your domain to point to our load balancer.

We recommend setting a CNAME record for this, but an A record would work as well if you choose to use this instead.

At Frontastic, we use completely separate systems for the production environment and the staging environment. Therefore, we have two different load balancers that are reachable under their own IP depending on the systems (production or staging) they're responsible for.

Please point your domain's DNS record to the below IPs, depending on which system you are about to add a domain to:

Environment IP

Once you've done this, your project should be available for the whole world to see!  🎉

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