Can I rename a Tastic field?


We've found some Tastic Schema that goes against code-guidelines. So, we now have some field in the correct have camelCase but some in underscoreCase. We want to fix this and rename the incorrect fields. Is there a way to migrate this data? Will the data be available even if the field is renamed?


It currently (2020-03-09) isn't possible to automatically rename fields. The configuration isn't changed when a new schema is uploaded to Frontastic Editor.

One way around this is to follow the steps below:

Upload a new schema containing both the old and the new field names.
Manually copy the value from the old setting to the new one in the page Editor
You can see a list of all pages using your Tastic in the Developer area of the Frontastic Editor as shown below:

See where Tastics are used

After editing and saving all pages, the code using the new field can be deployed
Upload the schema containing only the new field name



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