Debugging a page without an error message


I'm getting an empty white page without any content, how can I find out what the error is?


Sometimes while developing with Frontastic, you could end up having a white page without any content. Doing the same request again with an Accept header set to application/json might give you additional information as to what the issue is.

If you just see an empty white page when opening your Catwalk, it might be the case that Frontastic has encountered an unexpected error that couldn't be handled gracefully.

In some cases, our JSON-API might give you are more detailed error message.

To retrieve this error message, you can do a manual HTTP request to the URL that you're opening, while adding an Accept header set to application/json. You can do this using your favorite REST-API-Client or for instance using cURL on the command line, which is available for all operating systems.

If you encounter the white page in your browser on, you can use the following cURL command: curl --header Accept:application/json, which might return something like this:

  "message": "No active page for node dd63c4eab6fae4fc3657e62a3c008f51 found.",
  "endpoint": null,
  "file": null,
  "line": null,
  "stack": null,
  "code": null,
  "parameters": null

So you can see the error message here, that might have been hidden in the browser.



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