Checking an updated Tastic schema

You can test how an updated Tastic schema will behave before it's actually uploaded to the Frontastic Editor. 

Please note, as this is a developer test, this should only be done within your development systems. You'll have to add the schema to the Frontastic Editor if you want to add it to the Staging or Production environments.

Update to your Tastic schema in a .json file as you normally would while making sure it's Backwards Compatible (see this article for more info)
Save the new version of your Tastic schema as: $project/config/tasticSchemaOverwrites/$tasticName.json where $project is the name of your project and $tasticName is the name of the Tastic you're editing. Only .json files will be processed in this folder so they must be in this format.
Your configuration will now override the already existing Tastic so you can now test the new schema as you wish
Once you're happy with your new Tastic schema, upload it to the Editor as usual
Delete the .json file from the tasticSchemaOverwrites folder

If you commit these files to production, it will overwrite the existing Tastic so make sure it's working (and Backwards Compatible) if you do this or it could break things for your Frontend Managers or your users. Also, be sure to delete the file (step 5) or this will be used over your Frontastic Editor version if it is committed.

Just to reiterate, that this can only be done for existing Tastic schemas, you can't do this for a brand new Tastic. If you did want to test a new one, you would have to first upload a basic version of your Tastic (with no configurable options) to the Production environment in the Frontastic Editor and then you can do this test.

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