Adding Bulk Redirects


Is there a way to add a lot of Redirects at once to the Redirects app? We have a lot in our current website and we don't want to have to manually add them now we've moved to Frontastic.


Of course! We're here to save you time so we know you don't want to waste it on inputting something you've already made. To do this you can provide us with a CSV file that includes the request path and the target path in the below format: 


And the below configuration:
- delimiter: ;
- enclosure: "
- escape: \

For example: perfume?brand=Hugo%20Boss;

The redirects will be added with the type of "Link".

Please note, redirects work on paths, not the domain, so you'll only be able to have different redirects per language if they're on different URLs. For example, source socken redirects to /de/socken in DE and socks redirects to /en/socks for EN.

Once we have the file, we can import this for you.



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