Using images

The only place you need to add images to is the Media Library. These can be in any format, for example, JPEG, or PNG. These images will then be optimized and scaled by our CDN before being displayed to your users.

All other images that will be available on your site will come through either the API streams that you're using and will automatically be brought through to your pages (these include icons, logos, and product images), or your developers will specify how the Frontastic Editor accesses these images and how you can use them within your Tastics. For example, using a Header Tastic should include your brand logo but you won't need to add this, your developers will have done this for you when they created the Tastic.

However, there are some Tastics that you will need to add your own images, for example, the Tile Tastic.

Once you've uploaded your images to the Media Library, navigate to your the page you want to add it to
Go to editing page from left hand navigation gif
Add the Tile Tastic (or another image Tastic) to your page where you want it to be displayed
Adding Tile Tastic to page gif
On the Configuration panel of the Tastic, open the Image section and click Select, this opens the image picker
Select image from library gif
Edit the other configurations within the panel as you'd like them to display to your users
Changing image configurations gif
Preview your image and the other configurations you've set up, click the Preview button then click the link
Preview image changes

Changing the image

You can change the image on your page at any time, just click on your Tastic, open the Image section of the Configuration panel, click Select, then click on another image:

Changing an image gif

If the image isn't available in your library, you can upload a new image from the overlay screen. Click the blue + icon and select your file, or drag your media file into the overlay window:

Adding image from overlay

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