A component / content block / tile that is used within Backstage to create the frontend layout.

The below image shows some examples of Tastics:

Tastic Examples on a Page
As you can see, a Tastic can be very simple (e.g. just a headline) or rather complex (e.g. a product slider). Multiple instances of the same Tastic can be used and a different configuration can be used for each on the same page. In the above example, there are two Banner Tastics: One has a background image with a text overlay and the other is a different image without the text.

Developers create a Schema for each Tastic which is uploaded, integrated and tested in Backstage. The Tastic can be used by Frontend Managers in Backstage across multiple Pages and multiple times on one Page.

"I used the Banner Tastic to add a great image to my Page."


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