Frontastic Terms

There may be some terms that we use here at Frontastic that you may not be familiar with, below is a quick overview of the main ones you'll come across, no matter your role.

Backstage - This is the Frontastic interface where users can define pages, configure layouts and orchestrate APIs that will then display to the end-user.

Frontend Managers - This is how we refer to our users of Backstage who organize all your site pages. They're otherwise known as Shop Managers, Content Editors, Online Editors etc.

Catwalk - This is where Developers utilize the JavaScript code that Frontastic provides and where they add their own code to create the backend of their websites. It also takes all of the information that a Frontend Manager puts into Backstage to combine together (along with APIs) to create a Single Page App experience for the end-user.

Tastic - A component / content block / tile that is used within Backstage to create the frontend layout. They first need to be created by Developers and then they can be used by Frontend Managers.

For a full list, please see the Glossary section.

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