Opening my project only shows a welcome message


When I try to open my project, I'm only shown the below welcome message, what's going on?

Welcome Message on Catwalk Project Open

  • Have you had a fresh start and set up your system lately?
    • Then it might be caused, by a non-finished replication where the routes are not present, yet. It should be run in the background, you could check if that is the case by running sudo supervisorctl status replicator: It should show something like this: replicator:replicator00 RUNNING pid 839, uptime 0:20:14 If this is running everything should be fine in some minutes, depending on the data load there. You might try to speed things up and look for errors by running the replication manually in parallel: Just run /var/www/frontastic/paas/replicator/bin/pull inside the Frontastic Machine.
  • Is your Replication running and is it up to date?
    • Check if the supervisor processes are running correctly: sudo supervisorctl status
    • Try restarting the processes by running sudo supervisorctl start <processName>
    • If this does not help try to rebuild our routes inside your projects folder: cd /var/www/frontastic/<projectDir> and run the following command: bin/console frontastic:routes:rebuild



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