Catwalk changelog

Our Catwalk library is updated every Tuesday and Thursday. We add to this list after each release. Big changes will have their own changelog to explain the updates in more detail.

Version 1.54.0 (2023-01-24)

New Features and Improvements

  • Implemented index and session storage for Pages

Bug fixes

  • Replace Node cache strategy with session storage

Version 1.53.2 (2023-01-16)

New Features and Improvements

  • API for sitemap generation

Bug fixes

  • Set node cache TTL to 10 seconds

Version 1.53.2 (2023-01-16)

New Features and Improvements

  • API for sitemap generation

Bug fixes

  • Set node cache TTL to 10 seconds

Version 1.53.1 (2022-12-14)

New Features and Improvements

  • Bump version requirement of a dependency to ease the PHP 8.1 migration

Version 1.53.0 (2022-12-13)

New Features and Improvements

  • Add PHP 8.1 compatibility

Version 1.52.0 (2022-11-30)

New Features and Improvements

  • Improve node reference performance

  • Implement Route caching

  • Include Page Folder Breadcrumbs localized

Version 1.51.1 (2022-11-11)

Bug fixes

  • Re-enabled endpoint in coFE used for health checking deployments

Version 1.51.0 (2022-11-08)

Bug fixes

  • Category list pages work with more than 500 categories in commercetools. Before only the first 500 categories could be viewed. This fix requires and update of the frontastic/common library to version 2.37.0

Version 1.50.3 (2022-11-04)

Bug fixes

  • Added coFE-Custom-Configuration as additional header accepted by CORS

Version 1.50.2 (2022-10-28)

Bug fixes

  • When nextjsbundle is active only allow explicitly defined old routes

Version 1.50.1 (2022-10-24)

  • fix: increased max timeout for dynamic page handler and datasources

Version 1.50.0 (2022-10-13)

New Features and Improvements

  • Add a NotificationContainer around the application which can be overwritten and customized in projects

  • Increase the timeout of cron jobs from 5 to 10 minutes

Bug fixes

  • Refresh the context after successfully resetting the password

Version 1.49.3 (2022-10-04)

Bug fixes

  • Fix an issue with composer dependencies

Version 1.49.2 (2022-10-04)

Bug fixes

  • Fix an issue replicating default page matchers

  • Catch and log exceptions in the tree field handler

Version 1.49.1 (2022-09-27)

New Features and Improvements

  • Add some custom Tideways spans

Bug fixes

  • Fix a performance issue when fetching large page trees

  • Fix a potential exception when fetching the current version

Version 1.49.0 (2022-09-20)

New Features and Improvements

  • Improve performance of the generation of sitemaps for product detail pages

  • Allow the SEO keywords from the node schema to be translatable

Bug fixes

  • Don't return a german error message on duplicate account errors by default

Version 1.48.0 (2022-08-19)

New Features and Improvements

  • Add new extension exception class

  • Return supported features along with catwalk and common lib versions

  • Add 'queryProductsByMultipleCategories' to supported features

Bug fixes

  • Select translation before completing PageFolder data.

  • Adjust test for new exception class

  • Handle guzzle (httpclient) connection errors

Version 1.47.0 (2022-08-04)

New Features and Improvements

  • Improve performance by preventing extension-availability check in production

Bug fixes

  • Handle medium upload fail during fixture import

Version 1.46.1 (2022-07-14)

Bug fixes

  • Allow customers to overwrite the UrlContext

Version 1.46.0 (2022-07-07)

New Features and Improvements

  • Remove type field from JSON serializer

Version 1.45.0 (2022-06-30)

New features and Improvements

  • The UrlContext can now be replaced with the ComponentInjector
  • Add new types to catwalk

Version 1.44.1 (2022-06-21)

Bug fixes

  • Injector replaced components removed are replaced when there are no overrides

Version 1.44.0 (2022-06-16)

Bug fixes

  • Fix error when missing optional field pageMatchingPayload


  • Remove components from rendering which are not rendered on ANY device

  • Added Frontastic Locale and Path to headers config

  • fix(FP-2083): Updated catwalk path cache in an atomic operation.

Version 1.43.4 (2022-05-19)

  • fix(api-hub): fix type error when no data source was selected yet
  • fix: add query value to source path

Version 1.43.3 (2022-05-17)

  • fix: removed empty spaces
  • fix: removed comment
  • chore: Fix styling error in urlContext.js that makes build fail

Version 1.43.2 (2022-05-12)

  • fix: Escape referer passed to Kameloon
  • updated catwalk with hash action
  • fix(FP-1559): Properly handle null page folder references in PageFolderCompletionVisitor
  • chore(api-hub): copy manual type files to the source directory

Version 1.43.1 (2022-05-05)

  • fix(FP-1934): Resilience of sitemap command for same-cursor loop.

Version 1.43.0 (2022-04-21)

  • feat: use random translation instead of none
  • fix(api-hub): Improve error message when action was not found

Version 1.42.1 (2022-04-12)

  • fix(FP-1743): register ErrorHandler as service

Version 1.42.0 (2022-04-04)

  • Accept path param as Frontastic-Path header in /frontastic/page endpoint
  • Accept locale param as Frontastic-Locale header in /frontastic/page endpoint

Version 1.41.0 (2022-04-04)

  • Make success notification for remove from wishlist optional
  • Set timeout for ExtensionRunner calls
  • Allow field type dataSource in schemas

Version 1.40.0 (2022-03-29)

  • chore(ci): re-enable checking of extension types in CI
  • fix(FP-1472): Return 404 on non existing page
  • misc(FP-1399): Add unit tests for testing different isProduction values
  • fix(FP-1678): Fix call to get project extension on ActionController
  • feat(FP-1399): Only encrypt JWT session token in production

Version 1.39.1 (2022-03-21)

  • feat(FP-811): Return 404 when product does not exist
  • misc: Don't bootstrap symfony in paas/catwalk

Version 1.39.0 (2022-03-17)

  • refactor(FP-1586): Encapsulate customerName inside a previewContext object
  • feat(FP-1609): ExtensionService - Test callAction
  • feat(FP-1609): ExtensionService - Test callDynamicPageHandler
  • feat(FP-1609): ExtensionService - Test callDataSource, callExtension and doCallAsync
  • feat(FP-1609): ExtensionService - Test hasAction
  • feat(FP-1609): ExtensionService - Test hasDynamicPageHandler
  • feat(FP-1609): ExtensionService - Test hasExtension
  • feat(FP-1609): ExtensionService - Test fetchProjectExtensions
  • feat(FP-1609): Uncomment preloaded datasource value feature
  • feat(FP-1609): Action controller test fix header
  • feat(FP-1609): Header fix
  • feat(FP-1609): Remove sync call
  • feat(FP-1609): Remove unused JsonSerializer
  • feat(FP-1609): Fix PHP formatting
  • fix (FP-1391): Added name attribute to cell configuration class

Version 1.38.0 (2022-03-11)

  • feat(FP-1375): Change preview url from p to __preview only for NextJS
  • feat(FP-1375): Change preview url from p to __preview in FrontendBundle

Version 1.37.2 (2022-03-09)

  • chore: added space to comment to satisfy eslint
  • fix: added ts-ignore to autogenerated ComponentInjector overwriten files

Version 1.37.1 (2022-03-08)

  • fix: add missing classes for 3/4 cells
  • feat: resolve project config in next context
  • fix: coding style
  • fix: sort imports
  • fix: remove unused import
  • fix: coding style
  • fix: qualify class name
  • fix: sort imports
  • fix: Add typehints

Version 1.37.0 (2022-03-07)

  • misc: allowed ramsey/uuid library version ^4 as dependency
  • feat: enhance nextjs swagger

Version 1.36.0 (2022-03-02)

  • style(FP-1373): Fix style errors in CorsHandler
  • fix(FP-1374): Check if headers are already sent before attempting to remove them
  • fix(FP-1373): Remove CORS headers set by PHP to fix duplicate header errors
  • fix(api-hub): replace content api with dummy for nextjs projects
  • fix(api-hub): replace wishlist api with dummy for nextjs
  • fix(api-hub): use dummy for cart api
  • fix(api-hub): add dummy for AccountApi
  • fix(api-hub): correct service config for product search api factory
  • fix(api-hub): fix syntax and add parameter to factory config
  • feat: wire dummy api classes in nextjs bundle
  • fix: overrides ordering
  • style(FP-1373): Remove space from end of line in CorsHandler
  • style(FP-1373): Fix line length style issues in CorsHandler
  • misc(FP-1373): Add more unit tests for CorsHandler
  • misc(FP-1373): Add basic unit tests for CorsHandler
  • refactor(FP-1373): Use Request event headers to determine host instead of $_SERVER superglobal in CorsHandler
  • refactor(FP-1373): Create CorsHandler event listener to be used instead of hardcoded solution in index.php

Version 1.35.1 (2022-02-17)

  • fix: do not autowire localeresolver as it breaks customers code

Version 1.35.0 (2022-02-17)

  • feat(FP-1218): Replace 'stream' with 'data source' in ViewData errors
  • fix(FP-1014): Don't throw error when stream parameter is not array, log a warning instead

Version 1.34.3 (2022-02-15)

  • fix: add alias to LocaleResolverInterface for backwards-compatibility

Version 1.34.2 (2022-02-11)

  • Update Kameleoon SDK to version 2.0.8

Version 1.34.1 (2022-02-09)

  • fix: exclude sensitive values on JsonSerializer

Version 1.34.0 (2022-02-08)

  • chore(FP-1328): Better PHPdocs for new PageController response types
  • feat(FP-1302): Static function instead of trait
  • feat(FP-1302): Disable phpcs for _url property
  • feat(FP-1302): Frontend reference component
  • feat(FP-1302): PageFolderCompletionVisitorTest
  • feat(FP-1302): Add the _url property to the PageFolderValue
  • feat(FP-1302): Get url in the current locale for PageFolderCompletionVisitor

Version 1.33.0 (2022-02-03)

  • feat(FP-1256): Unit test for createApiRequest
  • feat(FP-1256): Remove cookies from ApiRequest
  • feat(FP-1256): Add properties to request sent to starters.

Version 1.32.0 (2022-01-27)

  • fix: Failure handling for data-source extensions without payload.
  • fix(FP-1257): Mark Response->statusCode as int.
  • fix(FP-1257): 1x "any" is enough for DynamicPageSuccessResult. ;)
  • feat(FP-1257): A lot more documentation for API hub types.
  • feat(FP-1257): Checked API hub types for requiredness & typing.

Version 1.31.1 (2022-01-21)

  • fix: FP-1235 Removed the dataSourcePayload key
  • fix: Typo to the JWT clear session handle for null

Version 1.31.0 (2022-01-18)

  • fix(api-hub): make actions accessible again
  • feat(api-hub): allow testing of DataSources by directly calling a HTTP endpoint
  • fix: Updated copy
  • feat(docs): Basic Swagger file for Frontastic Next.js APIs.

Version 1.30.4 (2022-01-11)

  • chore: removed backwards compatible code for JWT cookie

Version 1.30.3 (2022-01-11)

  • feat: Use language locales to generate routes

Version 1.30.2 (2022-01-11)

  • refactor(api-hub): don't rename LocaleResolver class to retain backwards-compatibility
  • fix(api-hub): introduce FT NextJs specific locale resolver

Version 1.30.1 (2022-01-07)

feat: session-frontastic header BC with cookie for now

Version 1.30.0 (2022-01-06)

  • fix(FP-1263): Do not log debug messages in production.

Version 1.29.1 (2022-01-06)

  • fix: Reactivate accidentally removed autowiring of controllers.

Version 1.29.0 (2022-01-05)

  • feat(FP-983): Better error reporting if action does not exist.
  • feat(FP-983): Adjusted service definition for autowire.
  • feat(FP-983): Fix test to have proper data for extended logic.
  • feat(FP-983): Disable native PHP sessions for all Next.js routes.

Version 1.28.5 (2021-12-22)

  • chore: refresh context once user is registered

Version 1.28.4 (2021-12-21)

  • fix: missing account field handling in registration

Version 1.28.3 (2021-12-21)

  • fix: missing account field

Version 1.28.3 (2021-12-21)

  • fix: missing account field

Version 1.28.2 (2021-12-21)

  • fix: handle register success action

Version 1.28.1 (2021-12-14)

  • fix: Apply page folder data completion to tree structures, too.

Version 1.28.0 (2021-12-09)

  • feat: consider query parameters for variant selection when redirecting to new product URLs
  • fix(api-hub): fix ActionContext initialization
  • refactor(api-hub): remove obsolete HooksCallBuilder
  • feat(api-hub): pass right context to extension runner
  • feat(api-hub): provide right context to extension actions

Version 1.27.1 (2021-12-06)

  • JWT Setting session expiry to one month temporarily

Version 1.27.0 (2021-12-03)

  • feat: Fall back to languages during finding translations

Version 1.26.8 (2021-11-26)

  • JWT cookie removal with clearCookie method

Version 1.26.7 (2021-11-25)

  • JWT handle, Change to method and parameters on response for clear cookie
  • Endpoint to retrieve a frontend context for Next.js.

Version 1.26.6 (2021-11-24)

  • JWT cookie security policy enabled and sameSite cookie set to None

Version 1.26.5 (2021-11-24)

  • JWT cookie reset when sending null payload

Version 1.26.4 (2021-11-22)

  • fix: JWT session exception handle, emptying the session and logging the error so is visible to the CLI
  • Dynamic page routing fix for no available pages in a folder

Version 1.26.3 (2021-11-11)

  • fix: Gracefully handle non-existing page folder being referenced.

Version 1.26.2 (2021-11-11)

  • fix: fixes from ant nextjs-types
  • fix: set also as null the TypeScript type for LinkReferenceValue
  • fix: add default value to fix types issue

Version 1.26.1 (2021-11-11)

  • fix: accepted null as link value and removed target validation
  • fix: verified targer value before create ReferenceValue

Version 1.26.0 (2021-11-10)

  • fix: DataSourceContext did not receive Request information.

Version 1.25.0 (2021-11-09)

  • fix: json serializer removed from hookservice, jwt handle in php
  • chore(api-hub): remove debug code
  • fix: CS

Version 1.24.0 (2021-10-26)

  • chore: updating the common dependency for catwalk
  • !feat(FP-646): implemented traceability strategy adding a correlation-id to all requests and responses

Version 1.23.3 (2021-10-26)

  • fix: Removed wrong property from DataSourceReference.

Version 1.23.2 (2021-10-22)

  • Improved data source representation for next.
  • Fixed logstash format edge cases.

Version 1.23.1 (2021-10-21)

  • fix: implemented logout action to avoid 404 exception

Version 1.23.0 (2021-10-19)

  • Actually match the dynamic page type from the extension framework.
  • Ignore group fields in completion of handled values.
  • Fix the session to use the sessionData object, remove array from JWT encoding
  • Checking the internal response not request for sessionData

Version 1.22.2 (2021-10-13)

  • Fix the response content of index action

Version 1.22.1 (2021-10-13)

  • fix: Do not force JSON encode as object in ActionController.

Version 1.22.0 (2021-10-13)

Version 1.21.2 (2021-10-13)

Version 1.21.1 (2021-10-13)

Version 1.21.0 (2021-10-13)

Version 1.21.3 (2021-10-12)

  • Fix sessionData type

Version 1.21.2 (2021-10-12)

Code style fix

Version 1.21.1 (2021-10-12)

  • Fix empty session for JWT

Version 1.21.0 (2021-10-12)

  • JWT Session storage
  • Sandbox fix

Version 1.20.3 (2021-10-11)

  • Update common version for catwalk

Version 1.20.2 (2021-10-11)

  • Catwalk common version update

Version 1.20.1 (2021-10-11)

  • fix release version

Version “1.20.0” (2021-10-11)

  • fix: Fixing the hook service return type

Version 1.19.10 (2021-09-28)

  • fix(FP-1022): replaced missing custom field by projectSpecificData

Version 1.19.9 (2021-09-27)

  • fix: Pass context to node data visitor

Version 1.19.8 (2021-09-27)

  • feat: Render previews endpoint for Frontastic Next.js

Version 1.19.7 (2021-09-23)

  • feat: Initial draft for dynamic page handling in Next.js extensions.

Version 1.19.6 (2021-09-23)

  • fix(api-hub): make expectation of structure from extension more forgiving

Version 1.19.5 (2021-09-23)

  • fix(api-hub): also pass non-response objects to support stream handlers

Version 1.19.4 (2021-09-23)

  • fix(api-hub): pass response objects as specified

Version 1.19.3 (2021-09-22)

  • feat(api-hub): improve error handling, refactor return types
  • fix(api-hub): simplify hooks api result handling
  • fix(api-hub): fix type errors for hooksservice
  • fix(nextjs): clear up types for passing data between hooks and controller
  • fix(catwalk): add nextjs api classes to react mapper
  • feat(apidocs): add description comment from classes to TS interfaces
  • fix(catwalk): get summary of properties from type description
  • fix(catwalk): make configurations inherit base configuration in nextjs types
  • fix(catwalk): remove references from nextjs bundle to other bundles
  • Delivier assets during a roll out
  • feat(FP-968): Added basic filter API data objects.

Version 1.19.2 (2021-09-10)

  • fix: Only run 64 not 1000 curl processes in parallel for kameleoon reporting

Version 1.19.1 (2021-09-08)

  • fix: ComponentInjector overrides regex not recognising all string formats

Version 1.19.0 (2021-09-08)

  • feat: Also complete node configuration for Next.js.
  • fix: Type information on Request::query.

Version 1.18.1 (2021-09-07)

  • fix: remove deviceType desktop flash on phone due to RegExp bug on UserAgent string
  • chore: Delivier assets during a roll out

Version 1.18.0 (2021-09-06)

  • fix: set header type on nextjs Action Controller response
  • feat(FP-953): Add name to PageFolder representations.

Version 1.17.1 (2021-09-06)

  • fix(FP-926): Error page data is not filtered by JsonSerializer.

Version 1.17.0 (2021-09-03)

  • fix: Do not remove tastic prop for translatable tastics
  • feat(fp-935-polish): Typed structures for reference & tree + proper tree handling.
  • feat(FP-935): Inline handled tastic field values.
  • feat(fp-935): Completed translation visitor.
  • feat(fp-935): Implemented most simple language selection.
  • feat(fp-935): Create visitors through a factory to get the Context.
  • feat(fp-935): Actually update tastic configuration after completion.
  • feat(fp-935): FIXUP
  • feat(fp-935): Renamed NodeUrlVisitor to PageFolderUrlVisitor.
  • feat(fp-935): Inject the configuration visitors.
  • feat(fp-935): First draft of completing URLs into tastic config.

Version 1.16.2 (2021-08-30)

  • fix: fixed broken test on stream handler
  • fix: merged master parameters to stream parameters on handler

Version 1.16.1 (2021-08-30)

  • Adapted: The configuration file now has to be a JSON
  • [SDK fix]: secure = false and samesite = None is an invalid default cookie configuration
  • Adapted passing of credentials and check if we should run an experiment

Version 1.16.0 (2021-08-26)

  • chore: bumped version required of frontastic/common to 2.17.0
  • feat(FP-932): created scaffolding to perform Algolia search

Version 1.15.3 (2021-08-24)

  • fix: wrap response in array only when there is actions
  • fix: Custom Data Source removed environments, undeleted filter, cleanup on Gateway
  • fix: CustomDataSource and Facet refactor to use the UserBundle MetaData object

Version 1.15.2 (2021-08-19)

  • fix: server build failure if @frontastic/theme-boost doesn't exist in node_modules

Version 1.15.1 (2021-08-17)

  • fix: incorrect webpack config schema
  • fix: Added missing CssMinimizerPlugin import
  • fix: Added TerserPlugin for JS minification in server production build
  • fix: Added TerserPlugin for JS minification in browser production build

Version 1.15.0 (2021-08-13)

  • feat: Implement possibility to override actions to old controllers.
  • feat: Controller for action extensions.
  • fix: Do not die when hooks runner is down.

Version 1.14.2 (2021-08-10)

  • fix: correctly log exceptions which are no objecs
  • Fixed incorrect info message
  • Moved directory existence checking above stat analysis
  • Added types and description for link packages, minor refactor
  • fix: Only try linking when package is actually installed

Version 1.14.1 (2021-08-10)

  • fix: correctly log exceptions which are no objecs
  • Fixed incorrect info message
  • Moved directory existence checking above stat analysis
  • Added types and description for link packages, minor refactor
  • fix: Only try linking when package is actually installed

Version 1.14.0 (2021-08-03)

  • Re-added server file creation if not yet exists
  • Added checking for nodemon, checks for existence of server file
  • Fix linting errors in ComponentInjector generated files
  • Removed remaining debugging, added component override to demo_english for CI testing
  • Added component cache to complete ComponentInjector rework
  • fix: Remove unused and incorrect typed propery.
  • feat(custom-data-source): Fix PHPStan issues.
  • feat(custom-data-source): CS.
  • feat(custom-data-source): Fixed null value mapping and mapping test.
  • feat(custom-data-source): Guard NextJsBundle by feature-flag.
  • feat(custom-data-source): Example data-source registration now happens in bundle.
  • feat(custom-data-source): Basics for bundle dependency injection.
  • feat(custom-data-source): Fixed bundle class name.
  • feat(custom-data-source): Fix: Also map children of non-mapped objects.
  • feat(custom-data-source): Fix Node->path is a string, not an array.
  • feat(custom-data-source): Deliver data source context to JS extensions.
  • feat(custom-data-source): POC wiring of new data source handler.
  • feat(custom-data-source): Implemented mapper from Frontastic React data structures.
  • feat(custom-data-source): Verify stream parameter extraction works.
  • feat(custom-data-source): Implement StreamHandlerV2 for new streams API.

Version 1.13.0 (2021-07-29)

  • feat: Moving our concept of decorators to frontastic 1.5
  • feat(FP-859-nextjs-apis): Removed OpenAPI specs from this PR to make it dedicate.
  • feat(FP-859-nextjs-apis): Chore: Syntax & CS fix.
  • feat(FP-859-nextjs-apis): Fine-tuning after final session with Kore.
  • feat(FP-859-nextjs-apis): Chore: Remove orphan docs.
  • feat(FP-859-nextjs-apis): Fix: file name.
  • feat(FP-859-nextjs-apis): Resolve minor adjustments noted on Github.
  • feat(FP-859-nextjs-apis): Cell -> LayoutElement.
  • feat(FP-859-nextjs-apis): Region -> Section.
  • feat(FP-859-nextjs-apis): $cells -> $layout elements (naming guide).
  • feat(FP-859-nextjs-apis): Removed $data property from Project.
  • feat(FP-859-nextjs-apis): Removed $sequence from data objects.
  • feat(FP-859-nextjs-apis): Removed $dataSourceParameters from DataSourceHandler.
  • feat(FP-859-nextjs-apis): Allow redirecting from DynamicPageHandler.
  • feat(FP-864-client-apis): Basic specification of client HTTP API.
  • feat(FP-859-nextjs-apis): Fixed missing @replaces.
  • feat(FP-859-nextjs-apis): Clarified docs and used standardized annotations.
  • feat(FP-859-nextjs-apis): Initial draft for dynamic page handling API.
  • feat(FP-859-nextjs-apis): Initial draft for action (aka Controller) API.
  • feat(FP-859-nextjs-apis): Initial draft for DataSourceHandler API.

Version 1.12.8 (2021-07-20)

  • fix: Move NextJsBundle to correct component.

Version 1.12.7 (2021-07-16)

  • fix: Link to tastify() docs & better tastic name in deprecation message.
  • fix(FP-497,FP-851): Introduce __suppressNotTastifiedNotice property.

Version 1.12.6 (2021-07-13)

chore: Fixed new phpstan return type notices

Version 1.12.5 (2021-07-08)

  • fix: issue with SSR because polyfill for date missing on window in react development scheduler implementation

Version 1.12.4 (2021-07-06)

  • chore: fix not on master removed the collection json
  • fix: translation typo

Version 1.12.3 (2021-06-24)

  • preview fix
  • Merge branch 'master' of
  • misc: Tagged release 1.12.2 for catwalk

Version 1.12.2 (2021-06-18)

  • fix: set cookie samesite values as null
  • fix: cookie security setting for dev environment as "none" is not working there

Version 1.12.1 (2021-06-16)

  • fix: restored string replacement on product url generation

Version 1.12.0 (2021-06-15)

  • feat: Do not track bot actions
  • chore(singleServer): updates to config based on testing

Version 1.11.0 (2021-06-14)

  • fix(FP-736): set session samesite as non Only available from Symfony 4.3
  • fix: Pass correct arguments
  • fix: output proper HTML5 appData div tag
  • fix: add required parameter to action
  • feat: Allow tracking to multiple goals in kameleoon

Version 1.10.15 (2021-06-08)

  • fix(FP-729): extracted update cart logic and use it on checkout action

Version 1.10.14 (2021-06-03)

  • fix: used column name to search hooks
  • feat(FP-345): added test for well and bad formed routes
  • feat(FP-345): added test for MasterLoader::loader
  • chore(singleServer): removed port parameter
  • chore(singleServer): fixed port error
  • chore(FP-345): improved Master route field docs

Version 1.10.13 (2021-05-27)

  • chore(catwalk): updated formatting so its less readable to fix eslint errors...
  • chore(catwalk): updated formatting for readability
  • fix: Remove newlines from SQL as our logging can't handle them
  • chore(catwalk): fix eslint errors
  • chore(catwalk): pre-render async component height by device type

Version 1.10.12 (2021-05-26)

  • introduced states and provinces

Version 1.10.11 (2021-05-20)

  • chore(catwalk): removed TODOs on public files
  • added missing comma
  • added style propertly to SSR return

Version 1.10.10 (2021-05-18)

  • chore(catwalk): modify server_start to error if nodemon is not installed
  • fix(FP-709): moved cart validation to Commercetools integration
  • fix: We now delete based on sess_time, so create an index on that…
  • fix: Disable session garbage collection

Version 1.10.9 (2021-05-13)

  • fix(FP-703): implemented redirection on category routering

Version 1.10.8 (2021-05-07)

  • fix: Fix the ContentController to use Context in viewAction

Version 1.10.7 (2021-05-07)

  • refresh store after account information is changed
  • Merge branch 'master' of

Version 1.10.6 (2021-05-04)

  • fix: update user context after address, user details, password changes
  • chore(catwalk): force mime dependency resolvutions to v1

Version 1.10.5 (2021-04-27)

  • fix: used correct product service on Product Category Controller

Version 1.10.4 (2021-04-22)

  • chore(FP-91) Revert CartApiController is used by AdyenController too, refactored AdyenController
  • chore(boost): fixed eslint errors
  • chore(FP-91) Remove abstract controller due to get logger parameter bag
  • chore(FP-91) fix environment secret on controllers and register ApiCoreBundle Controllers arguments
  • chore(FP-91) refactor controllers to use API interfaces instead of factory, fix dependencies cleanup, fix parameterbag secret
  • chore(FP-91) refactor single use variables, fix dependencies cleanup, review comments
  • chore(FP-91) fix dependencies cleanup review #1
  • chore(FP-91) add the dependencies on the preview controller
  • chore(FP-91) cleanup uncessary includes of AbstractController

Version 1.10.3 (2021-04-06)

  • fix: removed extra logs in catwalk CHANGELOG

Version 1.10.2 (2021-04-06)

  • fix: Missing DataObject base class for MasterPageMatcherRules.
  • fix(FP-565): CS.
  • fix(FP-565): Test case to ensure all replication targets filter.
  • fix(FP-565): Wrap endpoint for page-matcher in EnvironmentReplicationFilter.
  • fix(FP-565): Make EnvironmentReplicationFilter work for MasterServiceTest.
  • fix(FP-565): Regression test for MasterService replication.
  • fix: Missing DataObject base class for MasterPageMatcherRules.

Version 1.10.1 (2021-03-25)

  • fix: Do not include tailwind in CSS module processing

Version 1.10.0 (2021-03-23)

  • feat: Allow to specify status code for redirects
  • chore(webpack): override the 'To create a production build, run npm build' message on yarn run

Version 1.9.21 (2021-03-18)

  • fix!: properly arrange import order for encrypted vaults
  • chore(webpack): explicity set useYarn to true in createCompiler
  • chore(catwalk): made wiping the writePayloadToFile overridable by providing a JSON_LOG_PATH

Version 1.9.20 (2021-03-15)

  • fix: typecast depth param used in NodeService:getTree()

Version 1.9.19 (2021-03-11)

  • chore(catwalk): conformed shell variable name
  • chore(catwalk): removed node signal handling, undefined AbortController
  • feat: Also build and commit server source map

Version 1.9.18 (2021-03-11)

  • fix: wrapped custom fields action in an array

Version 1.9.17 (2021-03-09)

  • fix: Ignore annotations for Symfony

Version 1.9.16 (2021-03-09)

  • chore(FP-447): improved documentation and log messages
  • docs: Also documented HTTP account API
  • fix: Remove host from swagger file
  • fix: Removed host from URLs
  • fix: improve SSR start scripts
  • docs: HTTP API docs for wishlist API
  • docs: Documented cart HTTP API
  • fix(FP-447): throw and handle Cart not active exception
  • checkout moved pay button to right column in last checkout step

Version 1.9.15 (2021-03-04)

  • feat: Allow TypeScript in node_modules
  • fix: Session expiration in GC cases failed

Version 1.9.14 (2021-03-03)

  • fix(FP-421): logged error at ErrorHandler level

Version 1.9.13 (2021-03-02)

  • added error message in checkuot if products are out of stock

Version 1.9.12 (2021-03-01)

  • fix(FP-395): implemented build query for next page and calculate last (#623)
  • fix: remove wirecard test
  • fix: Code resilience
  • fix: Fix E_NOTICE when writing uninitialized sessions

Version 1.9.11 (2021-02-25)

  • Added checkout translations
  • Renamed next:payment to order now
  • fix: Work with babel 7.13.* by also processing .mjs files
  • New session handler that produces fewer db writes

Version 1.9.10 (2021-02-24)

  • fix: Work with babel 7.13.* by also processing .mjs files

Version 1.9.9 (2021-02-23)

  • fix: adds noop Element for Image element during SSR

Version 1.9.8 (2021-02-22)

  • fix FP-316: Throw error objects without casting thme to string
  • Added translations

Version 1.9.7 (2021-02-19)

  • fix: Fixed webpack post processing import path
  • feat: adyen integration, discounts, taxes
  • chore: Tested default stream assignment
  • chore: Clean up unused exception

Version 1.9.6 (2021-02-18)

  • fix: Do not override selected stream with default
  • fix: ensured page exist before complete default streams

Version 1.9.5 (2021-02-18)

Version 1.9.4 (2021-02-18)

  • hotfix: Handle iinitial session

Version 1.9.3 (2021-02-18)

  • fix: Created dummy cart stream handler

Version 1.9.2 (2021-02-18)

  • fix: Set default stream to first of its kind
  • fix: Use master stream as stream, if non defined
  • fix: Always preserve master streams
  • fix: Wording
  • fix: Wording & case
  • fix: Added missing template
  • fix: PHP 7.2 compatibility
  • fix: POC to avoid massive mysql update attacks due to session writes (#603)

Version 1.9.1 (2021-02-16)

  • chore (catwalk): updated deprecated scss elseif
  • fix: Reverted accidetally comitted experiemnt
  • fix: Set ansible roles path

Version 1.9.0 (2021-02-11)

  • fix: Only include module webpack configuration if module is mentioned in package.json
  • chore (catwalk): fixed eslint errors
  • chore (catwalk): update linting errors
  • feat: Allow to override SSR polyfills

Version 1.8.0 (2021-02-09)

  • chore: moved new scripts to paas/catwalk and modified templates accordingly
  • fix: checked if request content exist before decode
  • feat: Add index for faster session cleanup
  • changed unambigious sourceType to target only domino packages
  • chore: Faster JSON encoding in ContextService
  • modification of build process to throw error when there's an error in the customer's config.
  • fix: Do not crash on ?s in the URL
  • fix: create package symlinks also on windows

Version 1.7.0 (2021-02-02)

  • feat: required library common 2.7 or higher on catwalk/composer.json
  • !feat(fp-90): catwalk controllers (#580)
  • chore: Increase body size limit to value required by prym
  • feat: Allow to inject customer response handler
  • chore: Moved external library from src/vendor to libraries/
  • feat: allow lazy loading of media images
  • fix: Made stupid custom ini parser more resilient

Version 1.6.0 (2021-01-27)

  • feat: included shippingInfo and taxed fields to Cart.js
  • feat(FP-190): Mergeable CSP
  • feat(FP-177): fcli addition of generate Tastic command (#562)
  • fix: used correct parm order for processCommand
  • refactor: replaced source by logSource and remove error time
  • feat(FP-102): used error as array and use different source on logging
  • fix: removes unused packages from catwalk
  • fix: project instance instead of customer
  • feat: Prevent click-jacking via CSP frame-ancestors

Version 1.5.0 (2021-01-18)

  • feat: Use locale data only if our own IntlProvider is used
  • fix: sitemap paths were missing the generated subpath and therefore faulty
  • fix: Upgraded @types/react consistently to 17.0.0
  • fix: Prevent our loader API from going to error when loading a error master page.
  • fix: Resilience for empty debug statements.
  • feat: Cache serialized context in Twig extension.
  • feat(CartFetcher): Make CartFetcher available in Catwalk.
  • feat: TasticFieldHandlerV3 retrieving the Tastic definition in addition.
  • fix: Do not override errors or redirect status codes when SSR fails.
  • fix: Avoid sessions being created for Frontastic API requests.
  • feat: Allow API responses to trigger redirects

Version 1.4.2 (2021-01-06)

  • fix!: Switch to default symfony error handling
  • fix: Define fallback values in case properties are undefined

Version 1.4.1 (2020-12-18)

  • fix: ContextService and RedirectService use 2 different router services.
  • fix: removed extra comma at the end of parameter list

Version 1.4.0 (2020-12-18)

  • feat: Log frontend errors without creating a DB connection

Version 1.3.0 (2020-12-14)

  • fix(FT-519): removed available shipping controller and use method as part of cart info
  • fix(FT-519): removed parameters and included method documentation
  • feat(FT-519): included shipping methods loaders

Version 1.2.2 (2020-12-09)

  • fix(FT-514): Track errors from a cron job.
  • fix: increasing timeout and adding timeout logging
  • locks @types/react version
  • feat: adds typescript to svgr loader

Version 1.2.1 (2020-12-01)

  • fix: Parameter order deprecated
  • fix: Switch to apply spaceless instead of spaceless in twig templates
  • fix: map projectSpecificData in Cart
  • fix: Set composer platform to PHP 7.4

Version 1.2.0 (2020-11-27)

  • feat: CategoryRouter for Category Master Pages.
  • Built assets for release 2020.
  • fix: IE detection function

Version 1.1.20 (2020-11-26)

  • fix: return error code in debug error controller
  • fix: correctly render error pages on locale change

Version 1.1.19 (2020-11-13)

  • fix: Set required values on images test
  • fix: Added mock logger to unit test
  • feat: log errors in custom stream handlers
  • fix: use Filesystem to delete schema update file

Version 1.1.18 (2020-11-04)

  • fix: allows for images with only one size prop

Version 1.1.17 (2020-10-30)

  • feat: Implement Kameleoon tracking if configured for abtesting
  • fix: ProjectBasicAuth listener should also deal with kernel exceptions
  • fix: Do not pass height to Cloudinary if not necessary
  • fix: Tested dimension calculation in image component
  • fix: A little more resilience

Version 1.1.16 (2020-10-16)

  • fix: More resilient determination of Tastic name for BC check.
  • fix: bugfixes, types and cleanups for tile2
  • fix: Expose projectSpecificData through client side Cart domain model.

Version 1.1.15 (2020-10-13)

@TODO: Please adapt these raw commit messages since last release into CHANGELOG entries – they will be added to the package changelog.

  • fix: Also tested RemoteImage and fixed various issues
  • fix: Do not pass height if not necessary
  • fix: Tested dimension calculation in image component
  • Deprecate all tastics and patterns in catwalk
  • fix: Initialize query parameters for initial page
  • feat: moves notifications to more global place

Version 1.1.14 (2020-10-07)

  • chore: Merged imports
  • fix: Import deprecate helper in a way it also works in tests
  • chore: Added translation
  • chore: Use deprecate() helper to announce deprecation notices
  • chore: Moved page grid to page/ and deprecated all patterns

Version 1.1.13 (2020-10-02)

  • fix: Clear caches after adding bundle
  • fix: Registered missing ShopwareBundle
  • fix: Initialize query parameters for initial page
  • fix: removed console.log
  • featadds notifications for add/remove from cart
  • refactor: adds Notifications to global layout
  • feat: moves notifications to more global place
  • refactor: removes rehooks from catwalk as well
  • refactor: removes storybook from catwalk
  • refactor: replaces rehooks with isomorphioc version
  • category filters initial commit
  • feat: call product search API directly
  • feat: put product search API in DIC
  • feat: move decorators to product search API
  • fix: Display outline on cells again
  • fix: Use correct notifier instance
  • chore: Extracted common webspocket code
  • feat: Implemented backchannel in notifier
  • chore: Regenerated API documentation
  • chore: Documented more properties as @required
  • fix: also mind the catwalk styles when purging the CSS
  • fix: Added default for regions access to work with empty object
  • chore: Set properties @required based on NOT NULL in DB schema
  • chore: Added some more translations
  • chore (a11y): CS & start providing translated labels to buttons
  • chore: Updated type definitions
  • chore: Added note about autogenerated files
  • chore: Removed outdated types specification
  • chore: Also reverted newly added docs
  • chore: Revert docs changes to reduce diff size
  • fix: Import under "full name" to reduce naming conflicts
  • feat: Correctly import referenced types
  • Ensure type renaming works again
  • Generated TypeScript types for catwalk & common domain models
  • Flagged types in catwalk

Version 1.1.12 (2020-10-01)

  • fix: Clear caches after adding bundle
  • fix: Registered missing ShopwareBundle
  • fix: Initialize query parameters for initial page
  • feat: Adds notifications for add/remove from cart
  • refactor: Adds Notifications to global layout

Version 1.1.11 (2020-09-17)

@TODO: Please adapt these raw commit messages since last release into CHANGELOG entries – they will be added to the package changelog.

  • feat: call product search API directly
  • feat: move decorators to product search API
  • fix: Display outline on cells again
  • fix: Use correct notifier instance

Version 1.1.10 (2020-09-15)

  • Regenerated API documentation
  • Generated TypeScript types for catwalk & common domain models
  • Fix: Added default for regions access to work with empty object

Version 1.1.9 (2020-09-11)

  • Added support for auto-tastify
  • Implementd translations directly in tastify
  • Deprecate Tastics not wrapped into tastify()
  • Got rid of lodash in catwalk
  • Allow disabling client side hydration
  • Return promise from all possible loader methods.
  • Implemented support for TypeScript
  • fix: Refresh context after login / logout
  • fix: Connect cart & wishlist; Added connecting notifications & order
  • fix: Dispatch correct result to success()
  • fix: Image rendering resilience

Version 1.1.8 (2020-08-24)

  • fix: Ensure getCountry() BC and throw out mappings
  • fix: updates react-redux to fix ssr errors
  • fix: Extended and tested JavaScript locale handling
  • fix: Run yarn install lso for no-paas customers
  • feat: Read Boost Theme theme prperties from project.yml
  • fix(shopify integration): Implement missing queryCategories methods in Backstage and Catwalk
  • fix(webpack): Make linking dependencies more resilient
  • fix: adding resilience to StreamService when data is present but no streamId
  • Introduce nodeType and allow styling by this
  • Allow other locales than specified in the locale resolver.

Version 1.1.7 (2020-08-11)

  • feat: Improved displaying of SSR error message
  • fix: Use default for undefined variable to not break SSR

Version 1.1.6 (2020-08-10)

  • feat: Allow another webpack modification at the very end of config generation

Version 1.1.5 (2020-08-05)

  • fix: Restore (again) missing in catwalk

Version 1.1.4 (2020-08-05)

  • fix: Restore missing in catwalk

Version 1.1.3 (2020-08-05)

  • Fixed release script

Version 1.1.2 (2020-08-05)

  • build(frontasticli): release-notes for version 0.8.0
  • fix: remove outdated comment
  • feat: undelete old facets when they show up again
  • fix(frontasticli): Create files with normal user instead of root
  • feat(frontasticli): Put all config files into .frontasticli dir
  • fix: Removed prefix env. on yarn vairable
  • fix(frontasticli): Use a sane default location for traefik config
  • feat(custom query): Included RawApiInput as paratemer to all ProductApi/Query implementations
  • feat(custom query): Changed extension of Query from DataObject to ApiDataObject
  • fix: missing proptypes for catwalk cell
  • fix: Included statement to check OS version where releaseLibraries is running
  • fix: Resilience for non-string hydration errors.

Version 1.1.1 (2020-07-30)

  • fix: sets timeout for cron processes to 5min (default is 1)
  • fix(boost-theme): getting back the height transition + some refactor
  • feat: DISABLE_YARN_INSTALL=1 in vagrant provision.
  • feat(boost): adding products on wishlist brushed
  • refactor(boost-theme): error handling on wishlist page
  • change also resetPassword token to confirmationToken
  • fix: node-depth was missing in the tree
  • fix: confirmation-token was filtered
  • feat(boost-theme): functionality for empty state
  • feat: Use google trace id as request id
  • fix: preventing user from entering empty credentials and seeing parts of the page
  • feat(Nan): Empty state for orders and addresses
  • fix: Do not expose frontastic_request_id to client routes.
  • feat(BOOST-219): order detail UI finished
  • added translations
  • feat!: Catr/Wishlist Loaders separate methods for getContinuously().
  • fix: Even more resilient check for Master Page in frontend.
  • refactor: Adjusted routing order
  • refactor(account): using AccountMenu on different pages
  • fix(FT-19): Tastic replication happens over and over again.
  • feat: Allow cart fetch without fetching continuously.
  • Fixed loading indicator for nodes in intial request
  • Code resilience
  • adds ability for ip whitelisting again
  • feat(account): user details form validation
  • fix: Resilience in error rendering.
  • fix(FT-15): Fixed master stream completion for groups, too.
  • feat(account): simple password requirement
  • feat(account): Changing password by user
  • feat: custom fields
  • fix: Resilience for missing route in master page detection.
  • fix!: Context cache in ContextService not static anymore.
  • feat: Sitemap generation: Single file, override public URL & locale.
  • fix: eslint issues
  • feat(account): responsive account ui
  • Adds a null check to provided image sizes
  • Setting up basic password recovery.
  • connected with profile tastic and style improvemed
  • Implemented newrelic extension support
  • refresh after setting address
  • BC: Rename confirmation token route parameter
  • Add new RulerZ operator categorypathcontains
  • eslint fixes
  • Register and Login functionality.
  • Enable fecl for category detail pages
  • Renamed variables in page/tastic.jsx for readability.
  • Setting button loaders on checkout panels.
  • fixes setting proxy correctly

Version 1.0.2 (2020-05-27)

  • Stability improvements for library webpack modules

Version 1.0.1 (2020-05-27)

  • Allow webpack extensions from libraries (like our boost theme)

Version 1.0.0 (2020-05-27)

  • Initial stable release