Frontastic CLI changelog

In this changelog, you'll find information about the latest updates to the Frontastic CLI. We add to this list after each release. Big changes will have their own changelog to explain the updates in more detail.

To upgrade to the latest version of the Frontastic CLI run the below command:

brew upgrade frontastic-cli

1.9.0 (2021-11-10)

New features
Errors in the frontend and backend logs are now highlighted
When the CLI exits with an error, the error is now colored for better discoverability
Error conditions that may be fixed by using --defaultMutagenDataDir now have a note about the flag
when setting up the CLI with a sandbox. It's now clearer when to input the SSH password and where to find it
API hub logs are now parsed and displayed more readable

Error counts in the dashboard now better reflect real errors output by webpack
The error message in the case no SSH keys are available now suggests how to fix that
Fix shown hotkey for the "general sandbox errors" view
Remove duplicate xdebug command in help output

1.8.0 (2021-10-19)

New features
Ability to insert marker lines into log views (by pressing Ctrl-M)
Sandbox logs for are now viewable directly in the CLI along with logs from the local processes

1.7.1 (2021-10-04)

New features:
package.json and yarn.lock on the repository root are now also synced to the sandbox

1.7.0 (2021-09-13)

New features:
New command debug-backend to make calls to the backend and examine their results
Exclude vendor directory in API hub from sync to sandbox

1.6.2 (2021-09-06)


  • Flags --defaultMutagenDataDir and --mutagenConfig are now also available for projects

1.6.1 (2021-08-25)


  • Fixes a bug leading to a “command not found” error when executing the run command with an old configuration.

1.6 (2021-08-24)

New feature

  • Support for single server SSR.


New feature:

  • The Frontastic CLI will check if npm was used instead of yarn and notify the user.


  • Fix problem where the URL with hostname wasn't correctly passed to the Server Side Rendering (SSR) process when running webpack locally which lead to problems when trying to access the URL in the SSR (through window.location).

1.5.0 (2021-07-27)

New feature:

  • When using the filesync pause feature (see 1.4.0), files created on the sandbox are now automatically detected and added to the list of files to copy.



  • Fixed a problem where only one cookie was set, even if the request had multiple cookies.
  • The CLI will no longer report an older version as newer than the installed one right after a release.



  • Fixed high CPU load caused by a bug introduced in version 1.4.0.
  • Documentation and test files from vendor packages are now also synchronized to the local machine which avoids filesync errors “Unknown content encountered on disk.”
  • Filesync issue view now also works when using a custom Mutagen configuration.
  • Mutagen binaries are automatically updated if the project has an outdated version, which avoids “client/daemon version mismatch” errors.


New feature:

  • Local static assets in public/assets are now being served instead of the ones from the remote server. If a local asset isn't available, the one from the remote server will be served. This makes it possible to locally work with new or modified static assets without requiring filesync to the remote server.


  • Remote static assets are now served correctly through the CLI.


New features:

  • Synchronizing files with the remote server can now be paused by pressing p to create files on the remote which would otherwise be overridden. The created files can be copied to the local machine before resuming the synchronization.
  • A new color scheme for certain elements.
  • Current page is highlighted in the footer, the footer is separated into 1 line with all pages and 1 line with context-sensitive other commands.
  • The footer breaks into more than 2 lines if horizontal space isn't sufficient.


  • Text in log outputs was hard to read in certain terminal color schemes, this is fixed
  • Static assets from the remote server are no longer broken when loaded through the CLI

1.3.1 (2021-06-15)


  • Customers with multiple projects and have SSR servers running on ports other than 8001

1.3.0 (2021-06-08)

New features:

  • Errors in the Server Side Rendering (SSR) are now shown in an overlay box on the webpage when running webpack on the local computer
  • When requesting adminstrator/sudo rights, you'll get information on why they're required
  • You can use frontastic ssh to get an SSH connection to the current sandbox


  • The \debug() command for API hub code (PHP) now can output information to the browser console when using the Frontastic CLI
  • Additional attributes in the appData div aren't stripped anymore

1.2.2 (2021-05-25)

New features:

  • Remote server hostname is shown in dashboard


  • Fixes error making the terminal on Windows unresponsive when quitting the CLI under certain circumstances
  • Selection in filesync issue list is now always highlighted, not only when non-bold rows are selected
  • Colors in filesync issue list are improved to fix unreadable text with certain color themes
  • environment.local file isn't deleted in the sandbox anymore for (internal) replicator development
  • Filesync status on the dashboard is now also shown when webpack is also running

1.2.1 (2021-05-19)


  • Fixes a critical bug from version 1.2.0 where the CLI would crash

1.2.0 (2021-05-17)

New features:

  • Filesync issues are now shown on the dashboard in the right upper area
  • There's a new filesync issue detail view reachable by pressing f which lists all filesync issues and offers help resolving them

1.1.0 (2021-05-11)

New features:

  • An alternative Mutagen (filesync) configuration can be specified with --mutagenConfig (for example, frontastic run --mutagenConfig ./my-mutagen.yml)
  • Using a custom Mutagen (filesync) data directory for every project can be disabled with --defaultMutagenDataDir (for example, frontastic run --defaultMutagenDataDir). This might help when filesync isn't working with the message “unable to connect to daemon: connection timed out (is the daemon running?)”

1.0.0 (2021-05-10)

New features

  • Complete new user interface for better overview
    • Status of all processes can be seen in dashboard view
    • If there occur errors in one of the frontend (webpack) processes, a red error count is shown
    • Individual logs for the frontend processes can be shown and scrolled through, they can also be easily saved to disk for getting further support
    • Local website can be opened with a keypress
  • Native M1 Apple Silicon support


  • Fixed problem which occurred when switching from Frontastic sandbox to staging server
  • New Mutagen (filesync) version with many filesync related fixes
  • Fix in filesync configuration for synchronization of payment provider code
  • Updated terminology

0.21.0 (2021-03-15)

New feature:

  • The frontastic filesync command has been merged with frontastic run. So, you now only need to run frontastic run


  • Fixed many problems with process left running when the CLI terminated

Known problems:
When stopping the CLI on Windows through Taskmanager, the child processes are still left running. Use <Ctrl-C> to avoid that.

0.20.9 (2021-02-26)

Many SSH improvements:

  • Checks for suitable SSH installation
  • Support automatic copying of SSH key to Frontastic sandbox on MS Windows
  • Fix problem where the CLI crashes when an SSH key is protected by passphrase and locked

0.20.8 (2021-02-11)


  • Fixes an issue where the CLI can require a password on top of the key authentication
  • Fixed an issue where the webpack bundle can be loaded twice if remote is not in staging

0.20.7 (2021-02-10)


  • Fixes an issue where errors are trying to log to a file that doesn't exist, reducing console spam

0.20.6 (2021-02-09)


  • Fixes issues with SSR Windows compatibility allowing Windows users to run webpack locally

0.20.5 (2021-01-27)


  • Fixes a problem with the homebrew JavaScript dependency path resolution