`instant` schema field type

We've updated our schema types so users can now use a type of instant that will display as a calendar and clock in the studio.

A developer can add the instant field into any schema type, for example:

    "tasticType": "frontastic/example/countdown",
    "name": "Countdown clock",
    "category": "Timer",
    "icon": "clock",
    "schema": [
            "name": "Countdown",                                
            "helpText": "Select the date and time that the clock should countdown to",
            "fields": [
                    "label": "Countdown to",
                    "field": "countdownTo",
                    "type": "instant"

That'll be shown to the user in the studio as an input box. When you click on it, a calendar will open. Once a date is selected, you can select a time, and then press OK.

A developer can then use the date and time returned within their component. It'll be returned in YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ format. For example:

countdownTo: “1970-01-01T10:05:08Z”

Developers could already do this by using a string field, however, it was prone to errors by studio users. By giving them the option to select from a calendar and clock, we'll save you time and help to reduce errors.

For more information about schemas, see our schemas article.