Issue with Frontastic studio

From around 16:00 CET on 24 August, there was an issue in the Frontastic studio where the footer was removed from any page that was edited and saved.

We have resolved this issue just before 10:00 CET on 25 August.

If you made and saved any changes to any page version between these times, the footer on that page will have been removed.

Unfortunately, the only way to add the footer back into these pages is to manually re-add them to each page version.

We're currently investigating which pages were affected and will let you know if any of your pages were affected.

We're sorry for any issues this has caused. Contact our Support team using the Submit a ticket button at the top of the page if you need any help.

UPDATE (11:36 CET 25 August) — we've now identified all pages affected. Our Support team will contact you with the list and how to resolve the issue.