Adyen changelog

We add any updates to this list as soon as any changes are released.


Added user roles and permissions

We've now released our user roles and permissions feature in the Frontastic studio for all users.


Public DNS option in Frontastic sandboxes

On 23 June, we're adding the option to create a Frontastic sandbox with a Public DNS.


Frontastic terminology updates

We're updating the terms we use at Frontastic. Some of the words we've previously used caused some confusion and were very specific to us. We want our words to be easily understood, so it's clear what they mean.


Frontastic CLI updates

You may have noticed some updates to the Frontastic CLI over the last few weeks. We've been improving stability, fixing bugs, updating copy, and improving overall usability.


TLS 1.1 protocol support

We've stopped our support for TLS 1.1.


Early access program

We've set up an Early Access Program (EAP) to give you a chance to get access to our latest features and updates ahead of the general release. All we ask in return is to get your valuable feedback.


Frontastic components are moving

From Wednesday 10 March, the Components section within the Developer area will move to the main dashboard to make it easier for everyone to access.


Our documentation has been improved

You might have noticed some changes to our documentation.


Updated panels

We've updated the design of our panels within the Frontastic studio to make them clearer and easier to use.