Adding an integration

If your project has already been set up but you'd like to add an existing integration (see Integrations), you can do this by following the steps below.

In this example, we'll be adding GraphCMS as our content API.


You can only have 1 API provider per API. For example, you can only use commercetools as the engine for a product API, you can't add another engine.

  1. Open your project.yml file in your /config folder
  2. Add the below to the configuration: section, for example:
        engine: graphcms
        apiToken: YOUR_TOKEN
        projectId: YOUR_PROJECT_ID
        region: eu-central-1
        stage: master
        apiVersion: v2

Each integration has a different configuration setup. Check the article for the integration you want to add for the necessary configuration in your project.yml.

  1. Update the apiToken, projectId, region, and stage to match your project details, then save the file

You can then access the data in a Frontastic component using the streamType of content within the schema.json, for example:

            "label": "Stream",
            "field": "content",
            "type": "stream",
            "streamType": "content",
            "default": null

And then you'll get the content elements from GraphCMS under data.content.