Adyen API

Adyen is a Payment Service Provider (PSP) that's integrated with Frontastic.

The backend part of the integration has its own library in GitHub. To see any updates to this library, check out our Adyen changelog.

To use the frontend implementation, you'll need to use the checkout starter component. You can find out how to do that in the Steps to creating a checkout article.

If you want to build a custom checkout component, you'll have to build your own Adyen integration but you can use the backend implementation in the library.

project.yml configuration

To access the APIs for Adyen, you'll need the below configuration added to your project.yml (see the project.yml article for more information):

            apiKey: # this is your unique API key for Adyen
            merchantAccount: # this is your unique account id for Adyen
            clientKey: # this is your unique client key for Adyen
            environment: # this is the environment name in Adyen
                # this is where you put your URLs and their keys, you can have multiple

Available payment methods

Payment methodAvailable?
Credit Card (3d secure)yes
Credit Card (3d secure v2)yes
Google Paynot implemented
iDEALnot implemented

Known limitations

Notifications (see Adyen documentation) aren't currently supported. For that reason, iDEAL and other payment methods which require these won't work.