Algolia API

Algolia is a hosted search engine that's integrated with Frontastic.

We're using version 3.0 of the Algolia library.

The backend part of the integration is within our API documentation in GitHub. To see any updates to this library, check out our libraries changelog.

You need to set productId as your attributeForDistinct either through the index creation or from the Algolia dashboard. The distinct default value should be false. See the Algolia documentation on attributeForDistinct for more information.

The item variation feature that Algolia provides (item variations) groups variants by product but will display only 1 variant (the most relevant) and hide the rest. You can find out more information in their documentation.


  • You'll need to have an Algolia account
  • You'll need to create an index in Algolia with all your products and have the below properties for each variant:
    productId (variant grouping identifier)
    images []

You can also optionally store:
categories []

For more information on adding your data to Aloglia, see their documentation.

project.yml configuration

To access the APIs for Algolia, you'll need the below configuration added to your project.yml (see the project.yml article for more information):

        engine: algolia
        appId:  # this is your unique app ID for Algolia
        appKey:  # this is your unique app key for Algolia
        indexName: Frontastic_search # this is the name of your index you have created for your data — you can only use 1 index

Available methods

Product search
See the Algolia ProductSearchAPI docs for arguments, types, and other information.

ProductSearchAPI methodAvailable?
query (by query string)yes
query (by category)yes
query (by SKU) (deprecated)n/a
query (by SKUs)yes
query (by productId) (deprecated)n/a
query (by productIds)yes
query (by productType)yes
query (by filters)yes
query (facets)yes
query (sortAttributes)yes (see the custom attributes article

Known limitations

This integration is limited to products only.

To perform any sorting at the time of query, see the sorting search results by custom attribute(s) in Algolia article.