API documentation

We provide you with detailed API information for the most relevant classes in the respective GitHub repositories of the libraries. The API documentation can be used to get an additional overview of the available classes but mostly to look up certain interfaces.

We try to make all API documentation available as soon as we can. For now, you can check out the API documentation of the relevant PHP classes of the 2 most important libraries:

  • Common Library: Implements all connectors to backend systems, like commerce and content APIs. It also implements a couple of common domain objects.
  • Catwalk: Common extension points in our Backend for Frontend are described, but in the API documentation you can also find out about the exact interfaces.

Updating the libraries

You can update the Frontastic libraries (Composer and npm) on your own. We release updates to our libraries every Tuesday and Thursday so we recommend that you update your libraries frequently to make sure you're using the latest version.

We also recommend updating both the frontend and backend at the same time to make sure they're both running on the same version.

To update these, you'll need to:

  1. Run composer update frontastic/catwalk and composer update frontastic/common in your master branch

  2. Run yarn upgrade @frontastic/catwalk and yarn upgrade @frontastic/common also in your master branch

  3. Commit the changes and push them

And that's it! The Composer updates will do all the backend code and fetch the new version, and Yarn will update all the frontend code. Both will modify the lock files as well.

If you run yarn why @Frontastic/catwalk, you can check if the version has updated correctly.

You'll still need to get a core update from us from time to time that will give you a full platform update, but this will only affect your development sandboxes.

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