Creating a page folder

Page folders create the structure of your website so they need to be created when setting up your site or when you want to add a new section to it.

Let's look at an example of how they work. Below is the site builder, if you look at the structure on the left of the image, you'll see a page folder called Main. Within that, there are 2 more page folders (Men and Women). Within the Men page folder, there are 3 page folders (New arrivals, Clothing, and Shoes), and the Women page folder also has 3 page folders within it (New arrivals, Clothing, and Shoes).

You can see when the burger menu is clicked on the preview on the right of the screen, that the 2 items (plus Sales which is in the page folder screen but just out of focus on the list) that appear at the top are the same as the page folders (Men and Women) and when these are selected, the page folders within them are displayed.



Not all page folders go into the navigation, it must be set up in a navigation Frontastic component.

To create a new page folder within your website:

  1. Click New and select Create page folder
  1. Input a Page name (this will be displayed to you and your customers), the Relative path (the URL), and the Parent page folder (where your new page folder will sit within your structure)

In the below example, we're creating a new Accessories page folder that'll be within the Men page folder:



You can select the empty parent option if you want the page folder at the top level of your structure.

  1. Add a data source if you need to (this depends on which Frontastic components you'll be adding to your page version within your page folder (don't worry if you're not sure at this stage, you can update this later if you need to), add the data source filter and click the back arrow
  1. Add any other info you'd like to (you can come back and change it later) and click Save

This page folder will now be in your list and you can add a page version to it. But first, let's look at how to edit an existing page folder.