Go live preparation


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Ready to launch your application? Before you can do this, there are a few more steps to go.

SSL certificate

Link to Vercel documentation

To prevent your website from being unreachable due to too many redirects, make sure the encryption mode is set at the CDN provider, like Cloudflare. For more information, see the Cloudflare documentation on redirect loop errors.

Changing the domain in your DNS

After the SSL certificates have been verified by our team, you'll need to switch the DNS entries for your domain to point to our load balancer.

You can use an A record or a CNAME record for this. But using a CNAME would mean an additional request is sent to the DNS servers, which can cause a delay of a few milliseconds. Also, you can't create a CNAME record for the main domain name (for example, mydomain.com) itself, it must be an A record.

At Frontastic, we use completely separate systems for the production environment and the staging environment. Therefore, we have 2 different load balancers that are reachable under their own IP depending on the systems (production or staging) they're responsible for.

Please point your domain's DNS record to the below IPs, depending on which system you are about to add a domain to:




Ask our Support team which IP is the right one for your site or

Once you've done this, your project should be available for the whole world to see! 🎉

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