GraphCMS is a content provider that's integrated with Frontastic.

The backend part of the integration is within our API documentation in GitHub. To see any updates to this library, check out our Libraries changelog.

Both version 1 and version 2 are implemented.

project.yml configuration

To access the APIs for GraphCMS, you'll need the below configuration added to your project.yml (see the project.yml article for more information):

        engine: graphcms
        apiToken: YOUR_TOKEN # this is your unique API token for GraphCMS
        projectId: YOUR_PROJECT_ID # this is your unique API token for GraphCMS
        region: eu-central-1 # this is the region you're using (found in your GraphCMS account)
        stage: master # this is the stage you're using (found in your GraphCMS account)
        apiVersion: v2 # this is the version number your using, so either v1 or v2

Available methods

See the ContentAPI docs for arguments, types, and other information.

ContentAPI methodsAvailable?
query (by query string)yes
query (by contentType)yes
query (by contentIds)not implemented
query (by attributes)not implemented

Known limitations

This integration uses GraphQL rather than REST and it was built in a way that can make it slower than other APIs.