Test application in production environment

If you want to test your application in production, rather than in your developer environment, it's very easy with a Frontastic sandbox. Follow the steps below:

  1. Create a build (push commit with #build, see this article for more information)
  2. Sync the build using Frontastic CLI (run frontastic run)
  3. SSH into your Frontastic sandbox
  4. Go to your project folder and open the environment.local file
  5. Update the setting of env=dev to env=prod
  6. Clear the backend cache using ./bin/console cache:clear
  7. Reload the page in your browser

That's it! You'll now have the production version served in your browser.

To go back to the dev environment, revert the env setting back to dev and reload your browser again.

If you want to check Server Side Rendering in the compiled version of the server and not in development mode, you'll need to run the production version of the SSR process. See our Debugging production SSR article for how to do this.