Managing project settings in the studio

You can use Project to access your project settings and make changes as you'd like to.

Click Project on the dashboard to open the project settings area.

When it opens for the 1st time, you'll notice that it's empty, like the below:

This is so you can adapt it to your needs and add the fields you want to be configurable for this particular environment and particular project. For example, you can add SEO fields, basic authentication, default settings, brand colors, or anything else you'd like to add to be easily changed by members of your team.

The below example shows basic authentication where password protection can be added as well as some SEO fields:

See the extending the project schema article for how to add new fields.

Using project settings

Once fields have been added, anyone in your team who has the Admin role can edit them.

Depending on which fields have been used in the schema will affect what's shown.

If you make any changes to the fields, you'll need to click the Save button for these to take effect.

If you haven't saved your changes and try to leave the area, you'll get a warning.

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