Payment Integrations

Frontastic provides out-of-the-box payment integrations, so you don't have to worry about selecting your provider or switching to a new one. We support the following payment providers:

In this tutorial, you'll set up your commerce provider to have all the configurations required to work with the payment integrations.

Configure your commerce provider


While the following example uses commercetools Composable Commerce, you can adapt these instructions with your commerce provider.

  1. Open the Merchant Center and go to Project settings.
  2. Go to the International tab and set up the currencies, languages, and countries your Project supports.


Ensure that the languages specified in the commerce provider are also set in your project.yml file under the languages key.

  1. Group the countries that share shipping costs in Zones.

  1. Go to the Taxes tab to configure the Tax Categories and rates used by your Project.

  1. Go to the Shipping methods tab and configure what shipping rates are used.

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