Using schemas in the Frontastic studio

In the Frontastic studioFrontastic studio - The interface you use to manage, build, and edit all areas of your project and commerce sites. Previously known as `backstage`., you'll find a schemas section (click Developer, then Schemas). This is where you can download and upload the schema for your project configuration and page folder configurations.

To download or upload a schema, click the corresponding icon on the right of the configuration name:

When you download a schema, you can see the current configuration which you can then adjust and upload a replacement file.

Let's look at an example. Say we wanted to add another field into our page folderpage folder - A way of structuring the pages within a project and forms the URL structure – they can contain sub-folders. Known as `node` in code. configuration that was just a text field.

  1. Download page folder configuration from the schema section

You'll notice that the page folder configuration doesn't include the general settings or data source section in this configuration file, this is because these should never be edited or removed.

  1. Add a new section in the json file and save the changes, for example:
    "name":"New Text",
            "label":"Text field",
  1. Upload the updated schema
  1. Go to the site builder and check your new section is now available in your page folder settings

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