Using the Markdown editor

When you add a Markdown component, you can edit the copy as you want to, but it can be a little confusing when you're not used to using Markdown. How it looks on your site will depend on how your developers have assigned the styling in the code.

Accessing the Markdown editor

  1. Add the Markdown component to your page

  1. Click the edit icon in the settings panel, this opens the Markdown editor

  1. Write what you'd like to on the left of your screen and how it will look is displayed on the right

  1. Click the Done button to return to the page builder where you can preview and save your changes


Be sure to save (or publish) the page version in the page builder or your changes in the markdown editor won't be saved.

Quick guide to Markdown

Below are some syntax examples you can utilize when writing in the Frontastic Markdown editor. On the left is what you'll need to write and on the right is how it will be displayed. If you write without any syntax, it will be displayed as paragraph text.

We've also made this handy guide to help you:

If you want to copy these tips, you can do so from below:
#using hashtags makes your copy into headlines (h1)
##the more the use, the smaller they get (h2)
###getting smaller (h3)
####and smaller (h4)
#####and smaller (h5)
######and smaller (h6)

* italicize* your copy with one asterisk on either side

**bold** with 2

_**or do both by adding an underscore**_

> "Make a blockquote like this"

- or add a bullet point list with a hyphen followed by a space

  1. Or make an ordered number list with a number followed by a full stop

Make a hyperlink [with your link text in between these brackets](and your URL in these brackets)