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When your project is first set up in our system, we configure your credentials for your API provider in your project.yml and commit it to your repository. This means that our API Hub instance knows which API to connect with and how it should deal with that API. It also means you're ready to start using your integration with what we call streams, you just need to configure it and it will automatically run against your API provider.

API provider integrations

The existing integrations we have with API providers are:

Fully supported:

  • commercetools
  • Shopify plus
  • Adyen
  • GraphCMS
  • Contentful

Other integrations which can be used as a starter:

  • Spryker
  • Shopware

We don't map every field from each provider. The articles in the section show you exactly what fields we do map for each integration. If we haven't mapped a particular field that you need, you can use this article to help you add it yourself.

You can find out what else we map using our API documentation on GitHub. These libraries get updated regularly so you'll need to keep them up-to-date. See the API documentation article to find out how to install them.

Working with streams

The stream is the information that is provided to you from Frontastic. For data from an API to be shown on a page, a Tastic needs to be created which consumes this stream and has it defined. The Tastic will then receive the data from the necessary stream.

What's a Tastic?

A Tastic is a component that's used to create the frontend layout. A Tastic can be very simple (like a headline) or rather complex.

A Tastic is made up of 2 things: a React component that's the element on the page (a JSX file) and a schema (a JSON file). And it's in these 2 files where you need to define what your Tastic will do, including how it will work with streams.

To see how to bring a stream into a Tastic, see this article. But be sure to read all about Tastics in this article and how to create a Tastic in this article.

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